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Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards and Patrol Services

California Panther Security is among the top-rated security services companies in Los Angeles providing highly trained security guards and patrol officers to a wide array of industries and in many different settings. Our security guards frequently work in hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, and government agencies. Our security services are also contracted to keep crowds safe and under control at concerts, sporting events, political rallies, and activist demonstrations.

Depending upon the security services you require, guards can be put on patrol to supervise the front door for large organizations, oversee transportation security, or protect cash or valuables. We can also assist you with security services for neighborhood patrols, shopping malls, religious institutions, universities, gated communities, parking lots, apartment buildings, art galleries, and many more important venues.

If you feel that your current security program needs improvement, please allow us the opportunity to conduct a security assessment to provide you with an expert analysis of your property's safety and security program. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your current program and provide recommendations. Furthermore if you are in need of a new program, we can develop an integrated plan to cover your needs. Our focus is to provide you with recommendations that fit within your budget.

At California Panther, you get a "Security program" and not just a "Guard". We pledge all of our company's resources toward the successful operation and protection of you and your property. In business since 2002, all security guards at California Panther are licensed, California certified, and set the industry standard for excellence in the field with extensive exeperience and training.

Regardless of what industry you're in or what you need to protect, we can provide professional security personnel to meet your needs. Contact us today for a security services price and let us give you the peace of mind you deserve - both now and in the future - with a custom tailored security solution that protects the people and properties you care about most.

Manufacturing Plant Security

No matter what your company is making, someone may want to stop you or steal your ideas, products, and prototypes. Having a security presence, either armed or unarmed, can help protect your manufacturing plant and all its contents.

Building Security

With troubled economic times a factor in the lives of many people, squatting in vacant properties has become more common. A security presence at your vacant residential or commercial property can discourage that.

Executive Protection

Trade secrets, high-dollar accounts, and the need to make impactful decisions can all make executives a target for violence. Executive Protection services can help you feel safer and lower your risk of being harmed.

Event Security

Some events cause tension in the community, and there will always be people who aren't supporters of your cause. Rather than spend your event worrying, hiring security can let you enjoy the day.

Retail Security

Retail shops are common targets for theft, but having security guards discourages stealing and other criminal activities. That can help a retail store operate more efficiently.

Government Officials

Working for the government can be an unpopular job, putting people at risk. With armed or unarmed security, government officials can feel much safer in their daily activities.

Construction Site Security

Because construction sites are often empty at night and on the weekends, they are prime targets for thieves. Security guards will protect your valuable construction materials from disappearing.

Hospital Security

Grief and fear can make people react poorly. With security at your healthcare facility, you can quickly control any situation that might otherwise get out of hand.

Financial Institutions

Any time the economy is tight, financial institutions are at greater risk of robbery by desperate people looking for a way to survive monetarily. Hiring armed or unarmed security can help discourage robberies and related activities.

Campus and School Security

School shootings are an unfortunate risk to children and adults, but a strong security presence helps discourage those who may be contemplating this kind of activity.

Secure Transportation

Looking for private, specialized secure transportation to and from local airports, business locations, or other destinations. Book your transfers with us!

Customized Programs

We offer custom security services that are personalized, scalable plans designed to adequately cover all of your needs and leave no stone unturned.

Strength, Reliance and Integrity You can Trust

California Panther offers top rated Security Guard and Patrol Services in Los Angeles. When you need armed or unarmed security for yourself, your property, or your business, you want a company that has what it takes to keep you and the things that matter most to you safe and protected. At California Panther Security, we promise to share our strength, provide you with reliable private security services, and show you we have integrity in everything we do. We can meet all your security guard and patrol service needs in greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. That's why were among the top rated security companies in Los Angeles.

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