School & Campus Security

Security Guard Services in Los Angeles

Giving Students a Safe Environment to Learn

The importance of providing vigilant school security services in educational facilities and on campuses in Los Angeles has never been higher. Professionally trained security officers are a proven deterrent to incidences of on-campus violence, and help establish a safe and peaceful environment for students and employees alike. Theft, vandalism, physical confrontations and more can all be quickly eradicated with the presence of an armed or unarmed security officer.

Every student has the right to feel safe in their learning environment, and every teacher has the right to be comfortable in their workplace. Let California Panther Security ensure this is the case with our Campus Security services. We take a proactive approach to safety and can work with you to create a customized plan that best suits your security needs. Our competitive pricing and flexible payment plans mean even the smallest of schools in Los Angeles can afford a safety program.

California Panther security officers have the skills and personalities to adapt to a school's culture and security requirements. Whether providing a visitor with directions, assisting a professor with an office lock-out, checking identification or patrolling a building, our campus security officers are helpful, enthusiastic and professional.

Give your students the peace of mind they deserve. Request a quote and get started putting a California Panther Security program in place at your school today.