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Nobody should have to be concerned over the threat of theft or, even worse, violence in your store or at your event. Ensure all guests, visitors, and workers alike feel safe and welcome with our comprehensive Retail Security services in Los Angeles. California Panther Security can provide armed or unarmed security guards to protect your storefront - whether it's entry/exit points, inventory loss prevention, or employee safety, we can prepare a plan that will work for your business.

Our Retail Security services are custom tailored to each client and surpass standard industry guidelines in an effort to give you the best service possible. Competitive rates allow even the smallest of retailers or event hosts to make all guests feel safe and secure.

Loss Prevention - Asset Protection is one distinct area of private security. Sometimes falling under the umbrella of protection of assets or risk management, the main goal of california Panther's Security Loss Prevention Division is to prevent losses. Losses can occur in various ways, through internal or external theft, shoplifting, robbery, lawsuits or accidents and injuries. At California Panther Security, we have developed comprehensive programs for Retail Loss Prevention Officers.

Robbery Prevention - California Panther Security is an expert in "Robbery Suppression" executing deliberate measures employed to discourage, dissuade and advert robbery activity.

California Panther Security's Loss Prevention Officers are thoroughly trained on all aspects of Retail Security, which includes apprehension and prosecuting of shoplifters. We offer the following Loss Prevention officers:

  • Armed & Un-Armed Officers
  • Retail Loss Prevention, Store Detectives, Under Cover Agents and Off Duty Police Officers

Submit a request for a quote today, and let California Panther Security provide you with armed or unarmed security and peace of mind.