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Ensure Your Next Event is Under Complete Control

Events can be overwhelming - between crowds, media, and special guests, the stress of planning and organization can be more than enough work for even the most skilled planner. Remove much of the stress from this situation by taking the extra step - ensure your next affair is under complete control with our Event Security Services.

Event Venue Security - California Panther Security is experienced with all aspects of event security. Controlling guest privacy, visitor entry and departure, and keeping the venue under constant surveillance to guarantee the safety of all attendees are just a few of the services we offer. Custom tailored plans ensure that all your concerns are accounted for, and competitive rates make payment affordable for even the smallest of events. No matter the size or occasion, we can make sure your affair runs smoothly, safely, and give you a level of assurance that you can't find anywhere else.

Entertainment Venue Security

In 99% of the nightclubs out there, bouncers are simply normal employees, not actual "security personnel" (who require special training and permits). This means that the authority of a bouncer is the same as any ordinary citizen. Bouncers have no special right to physically eject a customer who becomes drunk or obnoxious, any more than a waiter at a cafe does.

Hiring California Panther Security reduces risks and protects your establishment with professionally trained guards.

Request a quote today and let us show you why our event security services are not just affordable - they're reliable too.