Manufacturing and Freight Security

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Secure Your Shipments and Your Business

When it comes to the manufacturing and shipping of goods, secure transportation is a top priority - so don't let concerns over freight security slow you down. California Panther Security offers a variety of options to help prevent any problems and ensure every step of the freight process is fully protected. Our industrial security solutions are custom tailored to each client's specific needs, and competitive rates and payment options eliminate any of your financial concerns.

Our manufacturing security specialists can help at every step of the planning and installation process to provide an integrated manufacturing security solution that addresses security challenges and more. Our expertise can help identify manufacturing facility threats and develop end-to-end security solutions that enhance the safety, security and productivity of your manufacturing operations.

From small business to enterprise, manufacturers trust our industry-leading security solutions to provide increased security for manufacturing processes and enhanced information management and reporting capabilities for manufacturers. Our integrated security solutions include a variety of alarm, access control, and surveillance systems for manufacturing facilities along with management tools to streamline and enhance security operations.

In addition to securing your plant operations, California Panther can also provide an additional level of security and reliability to your supply chain to prevent distribution center theft as well as tractor trailer cargo theft for long and short-term hauls, from the point of departure to destination. Cargo theft from individual or fleets of trucks on US roadways is a continually rising problem costing companies hundreds of thousands in lost revenue every year.

We employ a proactive approach to freight and manufacturing plant security with unmatched expertise that exceeds expectations. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small to mid size business, California Panther law enforcement experts are ready to provide your company with a customized security plan to protect your valuable property either on-site or in transit.

Don't wait until it's too late - put a California Panther Security program in place now and never worry about the safety of your business, goods, or transportation routes again. Submit a request for a quote today, and let California Panther Security provide you with armed or unarmed security and peace of mind.