Customized Programs

Custom Security Services in Los Angeles

Our Customized Security Programs

At California Panther Security, we recognize that each individual or company has their own unique needs and requirements. A retail store, construction site, and private event all necessitate different levels of security and alertness. That's why we offer custom security services - personalized, scalable plans that adequately cover all of your needs and leave no stone unturned. Our plans allow even the smallest of businesses to protect their assets with an affordable and competitively-priced solution.

We believe no person, place, or thing should feel unsafe or be a cause of concern. Our professionally-trained security guards and patrol officers let you rest easy at night, knowing there is a watchful eye protecting your valued resources. Explore our variety of customizable options to the left and get started protecting what matters most to you with California Panther Security's custom security services.

Security Assessment

California Panther Security knows that no two companies have the exact same security needs. From retail stores to construction sites, healthcare facilities to government headquarters, every business has a unique set of concerns that dictate what kind of protection they require.

That's why we offer a thorough security assessment for all potential clients. Our Quality Control experts will work directly with you to develop a customized protection plan for your business or assets. Using key information such as local crime statistics, environmental conditions and hazards, and customer preferences, we construct a personalized security plan to address any and all of your safety concerns. We leave no stone unturned - our custom-tailored services ensure that your business is in safe hands so that you can rest easy at night.

For a free comprehensive response to your specific security requirements contact California Panther Security, Inc. at:
5777 W. Century Blvd, Suite 1601
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Toll Free: 1-800-775-5325
Direct: 1-310-641-5555

Premium Security Service and Commercial Security Guards

California Panther Security, Inc is proud to offer commercial and personal premium security service. All guards involved in the program are Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) certified armed/unarmed uniformed security officers, and are selected based on their professional experience, exemplary skills, and ability to adapt to changing environments.

Our premium security service is available to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Rates are billed in hourly increments, with a six (6) hour minimum. We offer daily, temporary and annual contracted services at competitive rates, ensuring even smaller business can afford to utilize our guards.

  • All security officer training exceeds state standards and requirements.
  • Certified Loss Prevention agents.
  • Professional Concierge / Front desk Agents

Standard Post Orders include, but are not limited to:

  • Patrolling the perimeter of the detailed area a minimum of once each half hour.
  • Observe behind, under and in front of all vehicles, structures and buildings
  • Confirm all perimeter doors and windows are secure.
  • Report any unusual activity in writing on an Incident Report and by advising the supervisor on call.
  • Make sure to log all rounds using electronic key stations.
  • Carry the assigned two way radio at all times during your shift

Security Patrol Services

Are you looking for the high quality security coverage of a large corporation, but lack the resources and financial support to fully implement it? California Panther Security has the ideal solution for you. Our customizable security patrol services are capable of scaling to suit your available resources. The number of officer patrols per shift, amount of shifts covered, and setup of billing plans are all flexible to accommodate the needs of your business and can be increased or lowered as you see fit.

With our security patrol services, you ensure the safety of your business and assets thanks to our state-certified supervising officers. Vehicle and foot patrols are used to monitor the premises anywhere from one to three times per eight hour shift. Patrol officers will inspect, investigate, and report all observations as dictated by the client. In the event of a security issue, officers remain at the site until the situation is remediated. Rates are billed per patrol, bi-monthly or monthly under annual contracted services.

When it comes to security, don't cut any corners. Have the comfort of knowing that a professional organization has your facility under careful watch, even when you can't.

Custom Protection for Executives and Clients

High-level business executives and clients can be a target for theft, violence, and intimidation due to their influential nature and valuable bank accounts. California Panther Security believes no one should have to worry about their well-being when conducting business, which is why we offer custom protection services for all of your company's needs.

Our programs are uniquely tailored to address all of your security concerns, from travel to lodging and more. Using key data such as local crime statistics, environmental hazards, and location-based information, we develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your safety remains paramount. Our professionally-trained security agents are trained for a wide variety of scenarios and real-world incidents, and we provide drivers for comfortable transportation and navigation.

Custom protection is available for hourly, daily, monthly and annual services. To speak with us and assess your current security needs, contact us at, or request a quote below.

Special Event Security

California Panther Security, Inc looks forward to providing stability for your unique occasion. A comprehensive security agenda can be arranged to accommodate your exclusive affair. The experience of our Executive Event Coordinating Administrators eliminates the aggravation of unfamiliar risk. For maximum quality control local crime statistics, detailed demographics and environmental conditions are considered when factoring solutions.

Remove much of the stress that comes with event planning or hosting by employing California Panther Security, Inc's special event security. Ensure stability and order at your next affair with one of our comprehensive security agendas. Our experienced Event Coordinator Administrators will work with you to develop a plan that eliminates any unfamiliar risks, provides quality control, and accounts for such things as local crime statistics and environmental hazards.

These cost-effective, comprehensive solutions are available at competitive rates and, with a variety of payment plans, are affordable for even the smallest events.

Features of our special event security include:

  • Threat analysis, security planning and implementation
  • Liaison with law enforcement, hotels, event venues
  • Fire safety and emergency action and evacuation planning.
  • Planned security logistics for short term and long term events.
  • Executive Event Coordinating Administrators

Luxury Transportation Options

For those who want to combine secure transportation with a touch of elegance, California Panther Security has the perfect solution. By partnering with Masters Limousine, Inc., we are able to offer luxury transportation services throughout the Los Angeles area. Choose from any number of new-model exotic, stretch, and luxury vehicles to deliver you to the destination of your choosing. Hourly billing and competitive flat rates for point-to-point transfers ensure that you get the best service at an affordable price.

Features of this service include:

  • 5% Discount for online reservations
  • No extra charge for Meet & Greet services
  • 24/7 dispatch for your convenience
  • Flat rates for point-to-point service
  • No hidden fees
  • Trained drivers
  • Wide selection of luxury vehicles